Praise Times Three, is a Southern Gospel Trio out of Portland, Tennessee, formed in 2000 by John Bower, and sisters Judy Surface and Betti Lou Pratt.  In 2018, Betti Lou passed, a loss that took a great toll on the group.  However, God is ever faithful and brought not only a singer but a close friend to their attention, Corina Helm.  Corina has become a great asset to the group, bringing new life and a new sound.  Praise Times Three strives to share the love of Christ through music.  They enjoy traveling and expanding their horizons further from home so that they can touch people from all over with God’s Word through song.  Their goal is to have an ear to hear God and what His plans are for them.  Continually pursuing Him, they hope to encourage others to do so as well.  

From Praise Times Three:

We are looking forward to seeing the faces we already know and love as well as meeting new people and helping others find their own personal relationship with Christ. Our prayer for 2021 is for healing so that we may be able to join together in fellowship closely once again. We will choose to walk in faith and not fear and look forward to all that God has in store for us. Forever Singing His Praises, Praise Times Three